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How to Experiment with Color

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Interior Decorating SuppliesFor many people, the idea of making a bold choice with color and paint can seem intimidating especially if you are new to bold interior decorating or have had a bad experience. Anyone nervous about a new interior decoration venture will find an accent wall to be the perfect step to adjust and experiment with vivacious colors of paint. This decorating idea works perfectly when allowing children the freedom to decorate their rooms or for the inner interior decorator we all have dying to try something new.


Beyond Walls: How Paint Can Be Used in Interior Decorating

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Interior Decorating SuppliesThe power of paint can often be seen in the interior and exterior of homes but color and paint can be used in other places as well. Just because a particular piece was bought or came a certain way doesn’t mean that it is forever that way. Things can be changed with minimal effort and nothing more than some wood stains or a few colors of paint. A few brush strokes or a stencil can be used in unexpected ways that can transform a room.

The first way that a visit to retail paint stores can completely alter the interior or exterior of your home is by making over furniture. Whether it’s your child’s bed, some lawn furniture you picked up at a tag sale, or a screen you found in your mother’s attic, changing up an items color of paint or wood stains can make a huge difference. If the antique dresser you bought at an estate sale simply isn’t your teen’s style, by making a trip to the paint store and picking out colors of paint, you can turn it into a bold striped statement your son will love. If your daughters share a room and have conflicting style, a great solution can be using different colors of paint on either side of a screen to divide the room and allow each of them privacy and a way to express their individuality.

The room that sees the most action in a house is the kitchen and yet it may not be receiving the attention it deserves. An easy way to spice up your kitchen and update it with ease is by slathering a coat of paint on the kitchen cabinets. A fun and simple way to bring your flare for interior decorating into this room is by choosing a completely different wood stain or color of paint. If you really want to make your new kitchen stand out, the top cabinets can use one color of paint and the lower shelves can use another. You can choose colors of paint that are similar but different shades or two entirely different colors to that complement each other. Another fun way to liven up kitchen cabinets is by using stripes or a stencil in an unusual color of paint to put a unique stamp on your home.

Whether your budget is large or small, the use of wood stains and paint in interior decorating can make an enormous difference and give you the opportunity to create one of a kind pieces in your home. Your local paint store has numerous options that will give you the opportunity to find the perfect colors and paint for your project or simply the ability to change your mind as often as you like. Using a fresh color and paint gives your home the updated look you desire at a fraction of the price of purchasing new items. Using paints and wood stains gives you the freedom to make a change every time you get bitten by the interior decorating bug.

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