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Shades of PaintWhen painting a room, often the most thought about quality is what paint color is going to be the ideal choice. It is an obviously important task to pick out an amazing color to transform your room and home but in addition to considering shades and hues, it’s important to pick a sheen. It may seem like an unimportant aspect but you’ll be surprised by how much can be accomplished by this interior paint quality. From matte to high gloss, knowing the differences between sheens will enable you to get the most from your wall paint colors.

There are varying degrees of sheen that range between the super shiny high gloss and the ultimate flat or matte. The paint color combinations are achieved through variations in the concentration of resin and pigment. The greater the pigment, the lesser the resin, the flatter the paint color. The reason that some people choose to use interior paint colors that are flatter is that they have the ability to mask imperfections in walls or ceiling. Matte paint colors are ideal for areas of a home or office that see a lot of action and therefore are more likely to get dings and scratches deeper then on the surface.

Eggshell enamel is a step up from matte in the sheen department so that the house paint colors still have the ability to mask imperfections under paint while being slightly better able to withstand a scrubbing to take care of imperfections on top of paint. Although eggshell enamels are better than mattes at sustaining wear and tear, satin finishes are even better at handling surface action. When painting a child’s room, this sheen is the ideal no matter the paint color. This option can hide the wall dents that appear from toys and lively play and will withstand the repeated scrubs from crayon creations and messy hand prints that happen from macaroni and cheese and mud pies.

If you’re looking into paint colors for a bathroom, kitchen, or a rooms molding, semi gloss sheen is the perfect option. Interior paint colors that use this kind of sheen are a great fit for these areas that are prone to messes that are going to need frequent cleaning. It is a general rule that the higher a paints gloss, the better equip it is at handling repeated cleaning. By choosing house paint colors that have a semi gloss finish, you will make it so that spaghetti sauce splashes and flying shampoo suds won’t damage the look and feel of your room.

Another function of semi gloss paint color is its use in rooms that bathe in sunlight. Having this sheen in the wall paint colors you choose will allow the room to be as bright as possible by maximizing the sunlight as opposed to flat finished which absorb light. High gloss sheens make colors seem richer than any other finish but must be reserved for surfaces that are blemish free, otherwise every scratch and bump will become visible. This paint color option is most often used on wood surfaces such as cabinets and shelving.

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