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Interior Decorating SuppliesFor many people, the idea of making a bold choice with color and paint can seem intimidating especially if you are new to bold interior decorating or have had a bad experience. Anyone nervous about a new interior decoration venture will find an accent wall to be the perfect step to adjust and experiment with vivacious colors of paint. This decorating idea works perfectly when allowing children the freedom to decorate their rooms or for the inner interior decorator we all have dying to try something new.

If you have decided to give your little one the chance to decorate their own space and are fearful of them choosing the bright green on their favorite toy, no need to worry because the interior paint color can just be used on one wall. By choosing a neutral color and paint for the remaining walls and furniture, it will allow the one accent wall to really pop. Retail paint stores can match the color of a beloved toy and you can use the new colors of paint to pick out a few items to accessorize. A great thing about this interior decoration technique is that it allows a child’s room to grow with them. If your 11 year old decides they want a bright pink color of paint and yellow to create a zebra print and you choose white and black as accent colors, when they get older the room can change without breaking the bank. All you have to do is stop by interior paint and wallpaper stores and pick up the supplies for one wall and replace a few accessories.

If the room is for you and you have had bad experiences with new color and paint ideas or are entirely new to color, the accent wall is the perfect introduction to the positive possibilities of color infused interior decorating. When you’re used to decorating in muted, clean, colors of paint than the idea of visiting the paint store to purchase red interior paint may cause panic. By painting one wall with your new color of paint, you can introduce yourself to the new color and paint and either gradually increase the use of the color or chose an entirely different interior decoration path. The beauty of an accent wall is that it allows the home owner the possibility to change their mind without needing to repaint the entire room and spend excessive amounts of time and money at retail paint stores.

The accent wall is an amazing color and paint idea that looks chic and sophisticated. Not only does this technique work with growing families and their evolving interior paint preferences, but it allows adults the opportunity to experiment and change their minds too. A little color can go a long way so you may be surprised at how a simple splash of color and paint can completely update the look and feel of a room.

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