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Feng Shui DecoratingEveryone is always looking for ways to refresh and reinvigorate their home. Often people see redecorating as something that is expensive and time consuming but in actuality all that you may need is a few buckets filled with intriguing paint colors, a weekend, and an idea to completely transform it. Feng shui is a way of setting up a home that helps to bring positivity into all aspects of a person’s life. Each area of the home has been designated a color that plays an important role in this process. By using only paint supplies and paint colors to bring the color into the space, you can dramatically improve your home and future. If you’re one of the many concerned with love and money, grab your rollers and get ready to change your life with house paint colors.

One of the most important rooms in the house that is begging for a fresh coat of interior paint is the bedroom. The truth of the matter is that if your bedroom is neglected, it can negatively impact not only your love life, but all other aspects and throw you entirely off balance. A cost effective way to show this room some love is by picking out pink interior paint colors. By using house paint colors in this shade, you inspire and nurture your current relationships while all the single folks invite in new loves. If money is your concern than an important area to focus on is the room located in the northwest corner of your home. This area is dedicated to wealth and a great way to stimulate the growth of your bank account, with the smallest investment, is by picking out purple wall paint colors. Purple is the color of prosperity in feng shui and house paint colors in this family, whether they are used on the molding or walls, will help to stimulate this area of your life. If a bathroom is in this area of your home then keeping the toilet seat down is a good suggestion so that it does not flush away what money you have.

If wall paint colors in either of these shades seem overwhelming and you feel that it wouldn’t quite fit with your style, then using a variety of paint color combinations in these shades for different furniture pieces will help. It makes old items look new and most importantly, this helps you with matching paint colors to the feng shui principle without needing to be bombarded with the particular paint color. The best material for the bedroom should be earthy and so wood furniture that is jazzed up with pink paint colors fulfills both feng shui rules for color and material. Using paint accessories to stencil on filigree to furniture or walls in the given paint color is another inexpensive way to incorporate the color into your room. Creatively using paint colors and supplies make feng shui easy and affordable for everyone.

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