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Interior PaintingFor anyone new to do it yourself projects, specifically ones involving paint color, you may be a little overwhelmed and not even know what you need to get started. You may be able to envision what the room or exterior will look like after the house paint color has been applied but when it comes to making it happen, you’re feeling a bit clueless. The most vital things you need, after the paint of course, are paint supplies. Depending on what paint you’re using and what surface you’re looking to cover, there will be paint accessories that will make the job come out much more professionally and help save your clothes and other surfaces from becoming a part of the makeover process. Below are some of the most basic supplies any diy paint color connoisseur should have at their fingertips.

The first step in the painting process is making sure you have a clean surface ready and waiting for your new paint color. Whether you are working on the inside with interior paint or an exterior house paint to totally transform your decor, there is work that needs to be done before any paint can touch the surface. You will need to make sure you have paint supplies for fixing holes, including patching paste and a putty knife, as well as sand paper to make sure it blends in with the rest of the wall. With exterior paint projects, it’s important to have a multipurpose paint tool to help you drive in or remove nails and scrape any loose paint away, leaving a sturdy surface for the new paint color to hold onto. Now that you’re ready to paint, one of the must have paint supplies are drop clothes, which will protect your furniture and floors. Painter’s tape is great at protecting moldings, windows, and outlets from being slathered with the wall paint color of your choice. A roller cover and extension bar will help protect the rest of your home and your clothes from splatters, and your tray will help you apply your paint colors evenly while liners save you from having to scrub your tray every time you want to switch up your paint color combinations.

The last and most obvious of paint supplies is the paint roller and brush. It may seem like a rather obvious purchase but depending on what texture you want and what the matching paint colors are made with, you will need distinct paint accessories. The more textured you want your paint coats to come out, the longer your paint roller’s nap should be. In contrast, the smoother you want your wall paint color to go on, the shorter the roller’s nap. When it comes to brushes, if you are using a latex interior or exterior house paint, its best to use nylon or synthetic paint brushes and oil based house paint colors require natural bristle paint brushes. Now that you know all the basics about paint supplies, you will be sure to have a successful first do it yourself paint experience.

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