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The Color Effect: Understanding How Color Can Control Your Mood

Paint ColorChoosing paint colors for your home can be intimidating and many factors can be considered when making the choice. Your personality could be a deciding factor, as may your culture, influencing your paint color choices. You may opt for paint color combinations that are bright and vibrant without realizing the psychology behind your choice. An aspect that you may have unknowingly considered is how colors affect your mood. This feature can help narrow your search and make finding the ideal energetic wall paint color easier than you expected. Below are three interior paint colors that are known for their ability to inspire high energy.

Red is a bold paint color that some may be intimidated by but it can work amazingly when used in the right space. It has been proven to increase the blood pressure and heart rate of those exposed to it, which can work in favor of the home owner when used in certain areas to increase energy. A space this interior paint color may work well in is a home office, to invigorate the body and mind, or an entrance way, to spice up the lives and energy of those entering your home. This interior paint color has also been shown to increase ones appetite which would make it an excellent wall paint color for a dining room or kitchen.

Orange is seen as the most energetic and vibrant of colors and for that reason it is suggested for home gyms. This paint color pumps up individuals and gives them the extra boost of energy they may need to get the most from their work out. Working this interior paint color into the decor of your home gym or in the space you stretch and get ready for a run could offer the extra motivation you have been looking for. A simple way to include this paint color into a space could be as easy as a new radiator cover. Matching paint colors to the atmosphere they are being used in is necessary and that’s why it is suggested that this color not be used in bedrooms, living rooms, or any place used for relaxation and rest.

Yellow cause’s two effects on people, both stemming from its ability to awaken and brighten a space. Yellow makes for an amazing paint color option in a small space because of its ability to make it seem larger and more filled with light. It is often suggested that this interior paint color be used in kitchens and hallways because of this effect. As exterior paint colors go, yellow has the ability to create happiness and cheer. The negative side of yellow is that this talent to awaken can stir up other emotions besides joyfulness. Yellow wall paint colors are shown to cause more fighting when used as the predominant color. Babies are also shown to cry more in spaces where yellow is the main interior paint color. Bold colors should not be feared because of their intensity but used in the appropriate space to create positivity and energy where you most need it.

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